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Menu Creator 0.2.5

Menu Creator 0.2.5 0.2.5

With MC + ME you can create 4 styles VB Menu: Button3D, Office 97/2000, XP and 2003! Add to menus: images, descriptions, colors, backgrounds, gradients side-bars for each popup menu with aligned/rotated/colored text, image, custom colors, and more!

DSPing - Ping componen

DSPing - Ping componen 1.0

COM component lets user ping Hosts and other network resources.

AR Button Control

AR Button Control 1.21

This is just a normal button, not an active one (it doesnt popup when the mouse is over it). The idea is having a button kind of nicer than the standard one, and with improved functionality.

AR Form Extender Control

AR Form Extender Control 1.04

This control will allow you to use a picture as the background of your control, centered or tiled, or agradient. You will also be able to make the form flash, remember its last size, position and state, stay on top, clip the mouse over it or set the minimum or maximum height or width that the form will be able to have. The control has also a special resize event that you can use to resize other controls included in the form.

AR Progress Bar Control

AR Progress Bar Control 1.02

This is a very customizable bar control, that will show a plain color bar or a gradient bar between any two colors.

AR Users Database Library

AR Users Database Library 1.20

This library will carry the management of an users database for login verification, and all the normal operations that you will need. All the information is stored in an encrypted file.

AR Subclass Library

AR Subclass Library 1.01

Using this library it will be very easy for you to subclass any window and intercept any messages that you specify.


TaxControls 2.1

TaxControls - Federal, State and Local withholding taxtechnology. ActiveX controls that give you up-to-date U.S. payroll withholding tax figures. Now includes freeware TaxEditor table editor. If your company writes payroll software, TaxControls can significantly reduce your costs!

Base64 Encoding Library

Base64 Encoding Library 1.0

This library implements the Base64 encoding system as it is defined in RFC 2045. This encoding is used as a standard to send binary information through network connections or by e-mail.

Treepath Control

Treepath Control 1.00

This control shows the standard Win95 dialog where you can select folders!

AR INI Manager Library

AR INI Manager Library 1.01

This library will allow you to manage INI files in a very simple way. Just with a few methods you will be able to read, write and list the whole contents of INI files.

Visual Calculator

Visual Calculator 3.0 ExE Pr

Want a sneak preview of the latest calculator component? Try the PREVIEW version of the upcoming Visual Calculator 3.0 OCX version. This is an executable showing you the many features of Visual Calculator 3.0. It now includes a new GUI re-written from the beginning.

VB5 Browser Demo

VB5 Browser Demo 1.0

For VB5 Users this Browser Demo shows you how to use the WebBrowser control. I have developed a mini-browser for you using a ToolBar and include a Browser Readme filefor instructions. The Toolbar shows how to navigate: Back, Forward, Stop and Refresh. Some other functionsare included.Requires the VB 5.0 Runtimes.