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SlickEdit 2011 for Linux 16.0.3

Description of SlickEdit 2011 for Linux 16.0.3:
SlickEdit is the essential development environment with the most advanced code editor available. Whether used as a stand alone development environment or as a complementary editor, SlickEdit enables developers and development teams to create, navigate, modify, build, run and debug code faster and more accurately. SlickEdit is a useful code editor utility which will come in handy. FEATURES: Write Better Code Faster - Minimize Coding Errors: TE Navigate your codebase quickly. Context Tagging allows you to drill down from a symbol to its definition, or quickly find all references without searching TE Type less with syntax expansion, completions, and code templates TE Create custom typing shortcuts with aliases TE Handle jobs both big and small. Create and manage workspaces and projects, or launch SlickEdit for quick editing tasks in less time than it takes some IDEs to finish loading The Power You Need for Today's Coding Challenges: TE SlickEdit provides superior code editing tools allowing developers to write better, more efficient code faster and more accurately. TE Display symbol details with List Members, function/method argument help, and formatted Javadoc/XMLdoc/Doxygen comments TE Analyze symbols and hierarchy with a rich set of tools including Symbols, Class, References, and Find Symbol tool windows TE Check in and check out from version control using popular version control systems such as Subversion, CVS, and Perforce TE Diff and compare files and directories TE Use native Java and C/C++ debuggers and front ends for other debuggers, like Perl and PHP TE Edit files up to 2 GB Code the Way You Want: TE SlickEdit is extremely flexible and highly customizable allowing you complete control over your coding environment. TE Complete, highly accurate emulations for 14 editors including CodeWright, Brief, GNU EMACS, Eclipse, Visual Studio and Vim TE Code in over 40 languages on seven platforms including Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS X TE Code your way with custom toolbars, key bindings, menus, fonts, colors, aliases, mouse operations and more TE Record custom macros to perform common or repetitive tasks TE SlickEditOCOs powerful macro language, Slick-COao, allows you to extend or modify editor capabilitiesRelease notes: New Release64-bit Versions:TE Native 64-bit versions of SlickEdit are now available for Windows and Linux. These allow you to run on 64-bit platforms without the use of 32-bit libraries. SlickEdit still retains the 2 gigabyte file size limit.Multithreading:TE Much of our energy this year has been spent on reengineering parts of SlickEdit to be multithreaded. This will allow us to make better use of available CPU resources and reduce the waiting time for affected operations. The Context Tagging engine has been the focus of this work, so that we can update and read the tag database using multiple threads. Many of the parsers for supported languages have been updated to run on a thread.TE The Context Tagging engine alerts you that tagging is happening in the background as you are continuing your work, rather than waiting for the tagging to occur.Support for Ruby Debugging:TE Added support for debugging Ruby programs [ SlickEdit 2011 for Linux full changelog ]

Supported OS: Linux

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