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LispIDE is a basic graphical shell for several Lisp and Scheme implementations available for Windows. LispIDE seems to work with: Corman Common Lisp, Steel Bank Common Lisp, CLISP, Gnu Common Lisp, Gambit Scheme, Bigloo Scheme, SCM Scheme, Arc, newLISP, OpenLisp, Clozure Common Lisp. Please let me know if any others work. Features TE Syntax highlighting for Common Lisp and Scheme. TE Support for CLISP, SBCL, Corman Lisp or any commandline Lisp or Scheme implementation. TE Tabbed documents. TE Easy sending of Lisp expressions to the REPL. TE Command history using arrow keys. TE Common Lisp HyperSpec and Common Lisp the Language, 2nd edition included. TE Restart Lisp button. TE LispIDE uses Scintilla for it's editor component.

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