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1. Introduction Welcome to the uberSVN User Guide - quick start guide to getting uberSVN set up, a reference for getting the most out of uberSVN and getting more done, more quickly with Subversion. 1.1 What is uberSVN? uberSVN, as the name suggests, is intended to be the ultimate Subversion distribution. Developed with growth in mind, expanding the scope and functionality of Subversion (utilizing WANdisco's own rock-solid Subversion binaries) and delivering a fuller, more complete Free-to-use package than is currently available elsewhere. 1.2 uberSVN Family While uberSVN is focused only on expanding the scope and functionality of Subversion, later products will expand into full ALM stacks, based on a completely modular approach that allows companies to benefit from increased integration, without being locked into specific components. 1.3 Intended Audience We've developed uberSVN to be useful to both new-starters and experienced Subversion users. Likewise, this guide has been written with the same wide audience in mind. 1.4 Documentation for 3rd party components uberSVN is integrated with several open source software components that require user-level documentation, in these cases links are provided to the open source vendor's own documentation. You can keep up-to-date with the latest uberSVN news, talk to us or other users in SVNForum.org's uberSVN Community forum. 1.5 Release Notes For details of new features and fixes see the uberSVN Release Notes. We'll be using lots of terms from Subversion and related tools. To help readers who are new to Subversion we've included a Glossary for an explanation of these and other WANdisco / Subversion terms. 1.6 Feedback If you find an error, or if you think that something needs improving we'd like to hear about it. Tell us about it by raising a case on our support website or emailing email.Requirements: Compatible Browsers: IE 7+; Firefox 3+; Chrome 10+; Safari 5.0.4+; Opera 10.6+

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Mac OS X, Linux

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