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Protara Standard Edition

Protara Standard Edition 1.01

An easier way to build applications for Windows or Windows Mobile

CVS Shell Extension

CVS Shell Extension 1.7.2

This Shell Extension integrates the CVS version control system into Windows Explorer. So you have version control right where you need it. There's no need to use the command prompt or to search your files in an different application.

ProfileSharp Student Edition

ProfileSharp Student Edition 1.0

.NET Profiler to find out memory leaks and performance hotspots in your .NET code.Using ProfileSharp, within minutes you will find which lines of code in your application are taking how much time to execute and which are the objects leaking.

Liberty Basic ToolBox

Liberty Basic ToolBox 1.0

A complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Liberty Basic language.


devAdvantage 2.0 Beta

Anticipating Minds announces beta for devAdvantage 2.0, an automated code review & refactoring tool. v2.0 has a set of C# naming convention rules to analyze C# code and fix violations. Participants receive 45% discount on product at release.

Microsoft Access Utilities Add-In

Microsoft Access Utilities Add-In 1.00

Check the spelling of Captions and Validation Text. Auto Pick Accelerator Keys and Check they are Unique. Show all users who have a back end database open, send netsend messages to ask them to come out.

Dacris CodeSnip

Dacris CodeSnip 1.0

Code Snippets Manager based on .NET Technology. With CodeSnip you can download any number of snippet repositories and re-organize them according to your current needs.

XPad Design/Programming Suite

XPad Design/Programming Suite 1.1

The XPad design suite, allows you to visually design, program, simulate, document and compile native code for plug-in targets, including the PIC16F84, 68HC11 and PalmOs platforms.

Visual Paradigm for UML

Visual Paradigm for UML 1.1

A full feature cross-platform UML CASE tool with Java code generation.

Useful Managers

Useful Managers 2.50

VisualC++ Add-in. A graphical view parent/children relationships of classes, fuctions and etc. STL and so on Watch variables Manager. One-click tag search. #include insertion. Real auto-save. Session & Bookmarks Managers. Full SOURCE CODE.