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Fast Operator 1.3

Description of Fast Operator 1.3:
Are you a data operator? Are you tired of entering same strings over and over again? Are you an ERP Administrator? Are your users keep entering same product codes (or any string type)? Then help your data operators speeding up by using simple shortcuts instead of typing. Quickly change stored strings as users switch to another job (document) type. Good for users, good for customers, good for business. For FREE !!! How do you speed up documents operating up to 30%? In any business environment data operators fills up forms. Those forms are based on patterns. Because of that it is almost impossible that 2 consecutive documents of the same type doesn?t have identical data. Examples: Operating invoices is common to all businesses. Depending on how smart your software is, document date, document operator, delivery date should fill automatically. But not always. Any company have ?best sold? items. Those articles appears on the majority of invoices. Not to mention utilities companies or services. They sell one or two products. Beside the ?discount? article :) Why type them over and over again? General distribution companies. The operator fills several invoices to go with one vehicle. Why type the vehicle number on all invoices? As the operator switch to another car, just pop up the Fast Operator and set the new number.

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 2000

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