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The InterBase Localizer

The InterBase Localizer 1.01

The only tool to localize the InterBase messages. Its environment designed especially for message localization. Localizer supports any version of InterBase.

Helicon Translator for Delphi 3

Helicon Translator for Delphi 3 3.10

Makes it easy to localize applications written in Delphi 3. helicon Translator uses Delphis built in localization supportintroduced with Delphi 3. Translations are stored in adictionary and can be easily reused. Localization/translation of forms, resource strings, version resources, custom resources is supported. Since version 3.10 it is also possible to translate/localize binaries like packages.

The Chessboard Component

The Chessboard Component 3.0

Component provides a customizable 2D Chessboard that can keep track of a game and verify the legality of moves.The colors, size, bitmaps for the pieces and squares can be customized. Optionally the component can be resized at runtime. The C++ Builder version of the component has been linked to the engine of Toms Simple Chess Programand uses its own thread for thinking. Drop such a component on a form and you are very close to a complete working chess application. Toms Simple Chess Program.

Vox Converter Delphi Component

Vox Converter Delphi Component 1.00

  • Shareware
  • 39.00$
  • 08-May-2009
  • 31.0 KB

If you are into the computer telephony world then youknow Dialogic and if you do then you also know they usethe .VOX format. This component will allow you to quickly write applications that handle VOX files very conveniently.


VoxPlay 1.0

  • Shareware
  • 39.00$
  • 08-May-2009
  • 55.0 KB

A component for delphi 2 (but also for delphi 1 and 3 available, just e-mail me) that will allow handling of VOX files with maximum ease.. (VOX are VOICE files used in telephony DIALOGIC cards) Conversion and a bunch of features supported. This component will be FREE to all VOCOM users.