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debugShell 1.1

Description of debugShell 1.1:
debugShell provides a console shell interface for VC++ program (including console and GUI). Developer can directly input function or variable name in debugShell to view or modify program variables, which is just like to call command under shell; Developer can also call function in debugShell. By explaining and running inputted C++ sentence, debugShell can display the program status or call relative test function, thus to assist the debugging and testing work of debug version of VC program. Relative to using debugger, debugShell can directly view the status of a running program without breaking it, so it can easily call testing function to test and view. In order to support automatic debug/test, debugShell also provides a CLI client named dsClient. Users can pass C++ statement as command argument to debugShell to execute and get the return result. dsClient can also support to explain and run the C++ code, thus test code can be written as script to be explained and run by dsClient.

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000

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