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Free Full Version: ZeN does not require any separate database installation or connection. No external drivers or modules are needed. Password recovery software for files that ZeN creates (crack) do not exist. Zen executable file fits on one floppy disk ( is 1.08 MB). Files are even smaller; one empty file is only 35 bites !!! But make no mistake about this software ability to store your binary data! It easy holds 500000+S32 records per single file! ZeN 2010 introduces codeless programming buttons. You can create your functions simply by selecting and adding them into your custom button property! On most newer Windows systems, downloading 1.75 MB EXE file will be enough to run ZeN: no need for MSI setup file. Also, simple copy-paste same exe file to new computer and ZeN will run without problems! Copy ZeN OCtSystemOCL folder will transfer all your settings, custom buttons, and files! Its truly copy-paste simple to distribute ZeN! - Tested on Windows XP and Vista. Other windows editions not tested but no incapability reported. - MSI ( Microsoft standard ) Setup file allows you to safely install and uninstall software. - Free from all windows dependencies, exe file is enough ! - Codeless Custom Buttons programming. - Free interactive ( chat, help desk tickets and email with technicians ) provided by Live Support Center. - Record up to 500000 records per single file. - Save your files faster: They are several times faster and smaller then Excels. - Files are unbreakable by password cracking programs for Excel, Access or other Microsoft Office files. - Import and Export to Microsoft Excel.. - Free version without expiration. - Auto List all ZeN files in ZeN directory, or on entire drive. - "Copy-Paste" exe to transfer application to another PC, folder to transfer all data and settings. - ZPSSoft titles contains no spyware, adware, or any other type of malicious code. - Only 1.19 MB to download.exe file, 1.75MB for MSI installation file.Requirements: Pentium 500 Mhz or better

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows 98

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