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FIBExTrees Library 5.5

Description of FIBExTrees Library 5.5:
FIBExTrees Library is a package of components which will help you work with InterBase/FireBird/Yaffil databases. Library contains following visible components: TFIBExTreeView - DBTreeView component. Nodes of Tree load from database after expand parents. Supports: Simple/CheckBox/RadioGroup mode Internal Locate/sort dialogs and internal Popup menu for general edit operations Filtering nodes Custom sorting nodes in any order Easy replacing imageindex and stateindex Full Drag&Drop operation on tree/treelist and between trees/treelists Using additional custom fields Designtime metadata creator In CheckBox/RadioGroup mode, check states of nodes stores in special checklist in memory. TFIBExTreeColumnList OCo DBTreeView component with columns. TFIBExTreeList OCo DBListView component. TFIBExTreeComboBox OCo DBTreeComboBox component.TimageComboBox OCo may be uses for edit ImageIndex/stateindex of nodes.Release notes: New ReleaseTE Added new components for release dinamic trees base onTE custom sql queryes from several relation tables / views.TE TFIBExDynTreeViewTE TFIBExDynTreeColumnListTE TFIBExDynTreeListTE TFIBExDynTreeComboBoxTE Structure of classes was changed.TE Stored procedure "TreeCheckProc" not use in library now!TE Searching nodes was optimized for speed. [ FIBExTrees Library full changelog ]

Supported OS: Windows XP

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