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Description of Gui4Cli 19.38:
Gui4Cli is an easy scripted language which allows anyone with lots, little or no previous programming experience to create Guis in minutes. All you do is write a script (a normal text file) in the Gui4Cli language (which is very easy) and just run it. You can visually edit it to make it just the way you want it. Gui4Cli has many abilities (listviews, treeviews, tabs, combos and all other controls, timers, databases, jpg/gif/bmps, icons, directx, fonts, registry control, etc etc...), a rich command set and an easy, intuitive language to handle it all with. More stuff, like automation and internet support will be added shortly. Savings of Memory and system resources Windows has memory protection which is a good thing because it means that one bug can't bring down the system, but it also means that when you start up a new program Windows allocates new memory for it and all the DLLs, images and other data that it will use. If you use Gui4Cli however, these are loaded only once, and you can run all your Gui4Cli guis using the same DLLs, the same resources (images, icons etc), and much of the same code as the other guis, providing huge memory savings. Speed Since, as explained above, all these DLLs, resources etc are only loaded once, when Gui4Cli starts up, any guis opened thereafter have most of their needed code and data already loaded, so they load and open very fast. On the other hand, Gui4Cli itself is very fast; much faster than it really needs to be since, most of the time, the main thing it must compete with is the users hand speed. Intuitiveness Programmers are not the greatest of artists when it comes to presenting intuitive interfaces. With Gui4Cli the user can move the gadgets around, change the code and generally make the gui behave like he wants it, saving both in time and frustration. Gui4Cli also gives the tools to people who have artistic and explanatory talents but no programming knowledge or patience to create interfaces. A user can combine different programs in the same gui, or write different guis for each ability of a certain program, or whatever. System Compatibility Most programs are completely different from their guis. They have the code part where they actually do whatever it is they do and then they build a gui on top of it to let the user interact with the code part. The code part of the program is, in most cases, very system independent and can run under any OS. Its the user interface that's the most system dependent part of any program, since it is the part that calls all the OS routines. Since a Cli program has no user interface, its much more portable. And its also more usefull in many cases since the user can put it to uses that the programmer never thought of. Also, such programs will not suffer compatibility problems in future versions of Windows, since the changes will affect the interface between your program and the OS, and that will be in large part handled by Gui4Cli. Teaching Ability The event driven program structure of Gui4Cli is in many ways similar to the main switch statement of a C style windows program. Your gui will open and wait for input, acting according to what that input may be. This, together with other standard constructs like if, while, gosub etc, give the novice programmer a good insight on how more complicated, compiled languages work. The user can see the results immediately and so is not discouraged by the steep learning curve that languages such as C/C++ have..

Supported OS: Windows XP

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