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Description of BugAid 0.5.2120.5640 R 1.0:
BugAid is an extension for Visual Studio that can help you whenever you debug C# code. Using our unique features you can debug faster than ever before and have more time for writing quality code! Ever wanted to see what the method call you just stepped over returned? Or see how a complex expression was evaluated? With BugAidOCOs powerful Statement Visualization feature you can easily see exactly how the final value of an expression was evaluated. Are you near the end of the foreach loop? In the middle? Which item caused an exception to be thrown just now? With BugAidOCOs ForEach Visualization, not only can you easily see where you are in the collection, but you can also see the upcoming items in the loop and skip straight to them. When you want to compare files, you use a diff application. Yet, when you want to compare two large objects, you have to trust your eyes. With BugAid, you can spend less time squinting and let BugAid compare objects and collections with a click! You can even take snapshots to compare objects in different points in time! All BugAidOCOs features are embedded into Visual StudioOCOs DataTip and Quick Watch and you donOCOt need to open any new windows. Simply hover over a variable while debugging to get the DataTip, except that now, it also comes loaded with BugAidOCOs powerful features. FEATURES: TE Make sense of complex expressions TE Track and control for each iterations TE Find that needle in haystacks of data TE Spot the differences TE Focus on the data that actually mattersRelease notes: New ReleaseTE [Fixed] BugAidOCOs installer didnOCOt warn users when .NET 3.5 isnOCOt installed, which caused hickups in Windows 8 [ BugAid full changelog ]

Supported OS: Windows XP

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